Jointmaker Pro – first try at a stand

Jointmaker Pro – first try at a stand

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This is my first shot at making a stand for my Jointmaker Pro. It’s an old end table, but I didn’t want to drill holes in it. I just made a melamine top to fit over it like a bench hook. I didn’t have the bolts on hand to secure it to the table, so I laid out where the feet would go and plunge-routed 1/4″ slots 3/8″ deep. It’s a tight fit, I had to use a chisel to get all 4 feet seated into the holes, but that keeps it from sliding around. It doesn’t seem to need the bolts, but I’ll add them in later.

The only problem I have is that it tips backwards. As I push the sliding tables forward, the sawblade resists that movement. As the tables get to the back half of the table, I’m still pushing but more of the force turns into rocking the table back instead of keeping the tables moving.

I either need a lot more weight towards the front of the table, or the back legs need to be further behind the saw to keep it from rocking. I’m trying to figure out if the suggestion to raise the back 3″ would help with this issue.

For anyone really curious about what the end table is – my dad made that a few years ago. The open slats, carpeted interior, and the hole in the middle level make it nice for cats. It affords them a good view of their domain while protecting them on nearly all sides.

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