Project: Small Dining Table

Project: Small Dining Table

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This is a 4′ diameter round table I made for my dining room in 2004.
small round dining table

This is the first major furniture project I made. The base is based off an oval-shaped coffeee table I saw in the book “Modern Furniture Projects”. I increased the height, changed it to a circular table, and designed a matching top.

It’s made from quilted white oak with a golden oak stain and varnished.

The outer ring was assembled by quarters, then halves, then glued together around the floating center panel. The center panel is bookmatched quartersawn white oak, with a nice fleck pattern. All of the rounding on the table edge and down the legs was done with a 1/2×1 table edge router bit.

It has one minor flaw – with the legs that close to the center and being that small, it’s easy to twist the table an inch or so to the side, and then it’ll spring back a bit. I’ve seen 4-legged tables with legs near the edges and pedestal tables with a large support in the middle but haven’t seen any 4-legged tables with legs near the center like this – I think I’ve found out why…

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  1. Lee Laird  - July 4, 2009 - 1:22 am

    I think the top is beautiful.

    Have you ever thought about redoing the base, and then just moving the top from one base to the new one? Just a thought since you comment on the flexing issue. I like the look of the table and never would have known there was any problem if you hadn’t disclosed it.



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