• The Workbench Project
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    I’ve been doing several posts on this during the build process. It’s finally done, so its about time I did a big writeup on it… Pictures of the project in progress can be found over here. The Workbench Project This is a typically called a “european style” or “german style’ bench. It’s the style associated…

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  • Workbench project: various snapshots
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    I like to take pictures of my projects in progress.  Sometimes I use a digital camera, but more often I just use my iPhone.  The iPhone is lower quality images but they usually good enough, and since it’s always in my pocket I get a lot more images as I go along.  Here’s most of…

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  • “Torture”, a 6-piece burr puzzle
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    I made a 6-piece burr puzzle. The design is named “Torture”, an apt name for this thing the requires 26 moves to disassemble. I saw a 2-page profile of a master puzzlemaker in Wood Magazine. In that article, there was a picture of one of the puzzles he makes named “Torture”, and it’s 6 pieces….

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  • Project: Small Dining Table
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    This is a 4′ diameter round table I made for my dining room in 2004. This is the first major furniture project I made. The base is based off an oval-shaped coffeee table I saw in the book “Modern Furniture Projects”. I increased the height, changed it to a circular table, and designed a matching…

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