• Jointmaker Pro – first dovetail
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    After looking through my assembly photos, most of them were blurry (some combination of using an iPhone for photos and maybe not stopping long for good pictures).  Below is my first dovetail with it – the gap in the upper cut is my error – I cut the wrong way the first time, and that…

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  • Workbench project: various snapshots
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    I like to take pictures of my projects in progress.  Sometimes I use a digital camera, but more often I just use my iPhone.  The iPhone is lower quality images but they usually good enough, and since it’s always in my pocket I get a lot more images as I go along.  Here’s most of…

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  • Final top glue-up
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    It took longer to convice myself that all was ready than to actually do it – I glued the front part (about 5 boards or so) to the rest of the top. Now it’s even harder to move around and won’t fit in any jointer I know of.

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  • Workbench legs dry fit
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    Dry fitting the workbench base. These are all doubled up southern yellow pine, ripped from 2×10 boards from home depot.

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  • WWCA owl house
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    When I was doing the owl house project with my club (Woodworker’s Club of Austin), the wildlife rescue place brought one of their owls for us to see. It’s such a small but alert little creature.

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  • Tail vise dry fit
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    Dry fitting the tail vise to the bench front and side. I found an error in the plans, an extra 1/4 inch in the height of the movable vise. Since it’s glued up and the holes are drilled, I have to modify things to move it up.

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  • Totally cheating?
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    When you have a friend with a 16″ jointer and you need to flatten a benchtop, is it really cheating to do it this way?

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