• The Workbench Project
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    I’ve been doing several posts on this during the build process. It’s finally done, so its about time I did a big writeup on it… Pictures of the project in progress can be found over here. The Workbench Project This is a typically called a “european style” or “german style’ bench. It’s the style associated…

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  • Workbench project: various snapshots
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    I like to take pictures of my projects in progress.  Sometimes I use a digital camera, but more often I just use my iPhone.  The iPhone is lower quality images but they usually good enough, and since it’s always in my pocket I get a lot more images as I go along.  Here’s most of…

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  • Final top glue-up
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    It took longer to convice myself that all was ready than to actually do it – I glued the front part (about 5 boards or so) to the rest of the top. Now it’s even harder to move around and won’t fit in any jointer I know of.

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  • Workbench legs dry fit
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    Dry fitting the workbench base. These are all doubled up southern yellow pine, ripped from 2×10 boards from home depot.

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  • Tail vise dry fit
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    Dry fitting the tail vise to the bench front and side. I found an error in the plans, an extra 1/4 inch in the height of the movable vise. Since it’s glued up and the holes are drilled, I have to modify things to move it up.

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  • Totally cheating?
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    When you have a friend with a 16″ jointer and you need to flatten a benchtop, is it really cheating to do it this way?

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